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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stories for Her

The other night we were talking on the phone when she asked me to tell her a story. "What kind of a story?" I ask. "My phone is dying, I have to go" was her answer. So I sent her the following story (copied word for word) via text:

Once upon a time there was a nervous turtle. He never made any friends because anytime another animal would walk by he would hide in his shell and pretend he didn’t exist. Animals would come and say “hello” and he would hide in his shell and ignore them. Sometimes animals would come up, give him a quick sniff and he would simply hide in his shell and ignore them. One day a beautiful girl came up and saw the turtle hiding there in his shell. From inside, he could hear her say “Hello, Mr Turtle,” and he grew nervous and quiet. He heard her say “I won’t hurt you” but still he stayed silent and refused to come out of his shell. He heard her say “I just wanna be your friend” but he stayed hidden in his shell. And then he heard a sound that he didn’t recognize and then he heard the girl walk away. After he felt safe, knowing she was gone, he came out of his shell and looked around. He notice something different on the back of his shell; it was the perfect pink imprints of the girl’s lips. “Well,” the turtle thought, smiling to himself, “Maybe not everyone is so bad.” And he never hid in his shell again. The End.
Then she was at work and I was sitting at a coffee shop trying to write when she sent me a text saying how much she hated her job. So I sent her this story via text:

Once upon a time there was a girl who worked at Hoggy’s. She hated her job and her evil boss. One night, staring up at the sky, she saw a shooting star. She wished upon the star that didn’t have to work at Hoggy’s anymore. When she woke up the next day she had magically transformed into a kitten. She lived happily ever after. The End.