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Monday, May 9, 2011

Roses for My Darling

I asked a friend if they wanted to go hang out tonight and they told me they couldn't because they'd already made plans with some other friends. To this, I, like a mature adult replied (via text obviously) "That's cool, I'll just have to go have some fun by myself." Which is, of course, the most blatant lie I have ever told. I am easily the least fun person one could possibly be friends with. You know how I know this? Because immediately after sending that text I got into bed and watched four hours of Conan reruns. And you know, that wouldn't even be so bad if I had enjoyed myself. It may not be social or exciting but I said I was going to have fun and, by golly, I had fun. Except that I didn't have fun. I laid there in bed watching Conan and feeling sorry for myself and wishing that I was out having fun. Because I am a not fun person. It's just who I am, and so how can I possibly blame my friends for going out with other friends? I certainly wouldn't want to hang out with me. I do like Conan, though.

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